IPTV Genreal Information

IPTV General Information

IPTV is an internet based streaming television service that can save you alot of money. For this service to work you will need an Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Amazon Fire TV Stick essentially replaces your cable box, so lets break this down!

IPTV's 1 year subscription or 6 month subscription can support up to 4 TV's in one house. For each TV you will need an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Once the Amazon Fire TV Stick is hooked up then you put in the pin codes that allow you to have the IPTV service on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. The pin codes are what you're paying for which i Product Fix, LLC provides for you. The process of setting everything up will be done by i Product Fix, LLC. The set up takes roughly about 15 Minutes. 

Ex. You have multiple TV's in your house. Each one will need an Amazon Fire TV Stick to utilize IPTV. IPTV is internet based so you will need to still pay for either comcast or verizon for internet, but will be able to cancel your cable service. It is streaming, so you must understand that the quality may be slightly different then what your used to seeing. Once in a while you could catch a buffering circle for a few seconds (3-5 sec.), but the way I see it sometimes Comcast or Verizon could freeze up. So why pay up to $250-$350 a month when you can just pay $300 for the year!

Pricing Guide

  1. One Year Subscription $300.00
  2. Six Month Subscription $150.00
  3. Installation Fee $35.00 (For each subscrition renewal)
  4. Amazon Fire TV Stick HD $40.00
  5. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD $70.00

       *If you don't have a 4K TV then there is no need for the 4K Fire Stick

What's Included

  • All local/basic cable channels (except for Comcast network)
  • All Premium Movie Channels (HBO,SHOWTIME,Starz,Cinemax & More)
  • PPV Pay Per View (so you wouldn't have to pay the $80 dollars for a fight)
  • All Sports Packages (MLB,NHL,NBA,Soccer,NFL Red Zone & Ticket, GolfTV)
  • Kids Channels (Disney,Disney JR,Disney XD,Nick JR,Cartoon Network,Nicktoons,Nickelodeon)
  • On Demand Section (Practically like Netflix. You get TV shows & movies)

All in all your getting every channel/package that Xfinity or Verizon would make you pay extra for!


i Product Fix, LLC has this service setup on a TV in the store located in right in Medford! Feel free to come check it out with your family to see if this service is for you!